Dor (2006)

DOR tells the story of love, loss, friendship, hope and ultimately, redemption. It is a tale of two women from two different worlds. In ways that neither Zeenat nor Meera can perceive, their worlds are about to collide. A life-changing piece of news reaches both women at the same instance and sets into motion a series of events that will change their lives forever.

Zeenat [Gul Panag] is compelled to make the long journey from the hills of Himachal Pradesh to Rajasthan’s deserts, in search of Meera [Ayesha Takia]. Along the way she encounters a Behroopiya [Shreyas Talpade], whose uncanny instincts and good humor help to make the difficult journey easier.

As different as they are, Zeenat and Meera form an uncommon bond of friendship and respect when they meet. But can it endure the uneasy truth that Zeenat hides? One of these women will hold the power of life and death in her hands. One will be helpless at the hands of fate.

DOR is an intense/serious subject that has been handled with utmost sincerity. In fact, it’s difficult to single out any one sequence in particular since DOR has a consistency that’s visible from start to end. Yet, it must be noted that you can’t ignore the remarkable executed sequences between the two women. Kukunoor also pads the proceedings with light moments in the form of Shreyas, whose mimicry of various actors is quite enjoyable.

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