Kafan (1990)

The Bohra brothers were among the also-rans during the horror boom of the 80’s churning out a number of low cost formula shockers. Kafan was one such effort, directed by Dhirendra while brother Virendra produced. The film has a cast of horror stalwarts in MacMohan, Huma and Javed Khan and of course Raza Murad and Jamuna.

Cast: Javed Khan, Jamuna, Rakesh Pandey

The film begins with a voice over explaining how all of universe and existence is a battle between those people like the Maha Tantrik who try to resolve problems and do good for mankind and those dastardly heathen swine who are followers of the master of darkness – the devil himself. We are introduced to a group of five Satanists who having devoted themselves to the master all these years are finally ready to move up on the ladder of evil. All they have to do is to find a young virgin who will then be sacrificed in a blood ritual after which the men should assume enormous powers which will ultimately lead them to world domination!

The voiceover also explains that wherever there have been evildoers, they have met with forces of good and been vanquished and this time a beautiful young student with a medical condition known as “intuition” is to find herself as the unsuspecting pawn in the deadly game between good and evil. The five Satanists decide to pounce on their stand in maid as the hoped for virgin, but two of them find her utterly irresistible and rape her the night before the black magic ceremony. Because the sacrifice was not a virginal one things go horribly awry and diabolical things start to happen with alarming regularity! Neelam is slowly taken over by the spirit of the deceased dead maid and begins to behave in a very strange manner indeed.

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