Tamasha (2015) *HQ*

The first scene of the movie starts in Corsica, where a teary eyed Deepika Padukone, begs a restuarant owner to make a phone call back to India. Hearing her cries, Ranbir Kapoor, lends his mobile phone and the duo gets into a conversation, but the conversation has a catch.

The catch is, Ranbir and Deepika, decide not to tell their real names to each other, and promise that they’ll speak nothing but lies, as long as they are in Corsica. So Ranbir, introduces himself as Don, and Deepika calls herself as Mona Darling.

Ranbir, acts as a wild man who deosn’t care what the world says, he’s easy going and with a chilled out personality. This kind of attitude, makes Deepika fall in love with him in an instant. The rest of the sequences in Corsica, show both the actors mimmicing veteran Bollywood stars, while acting wild, free and young. However, the duo decides that, as soon as they land in India, they would never see each other again, not even knowing their real names and identity.

Scene cut: Both Ranbir (Don) and Deepika (Mona Darling) come back to India, and part ways asssuming they’ll never see each other again. Deepika, now starts missing Ranbir’s talks and his carefree attitude. She starts finding where he lives and works, after a long haul, she manages to catch him at restuarant in Delhi. The twist now is that, Ranbir Kapoor, is not the wild man of Corsica. He’s a tie wearing ‘Product Manager’ always dressed in formals and talking very kindly. They finally decide to tell their names and Ranbir introduces himself as Ved, and Deepika as Tara. Now Ved (Ranbir) and Tara (Deepika) friendship continues once again, but Ved is a reserved guy, afraid of coming out from his comfort zone and is good to people.

Totally opposite that he was in Corsica. Their friendship continues through dinner dates and kisses, and Ved finally decides to propose his lady love Tara. They enter a fancy restuarant, and in front of all their friends, Ved pops the ring to Tara for wedding. Tara, stops Ved right on his tracks, and asks him to come out from the restuarant for a talk. The decent man, Ved, accepts and walks out with Tara for a conversation, excusing their friends. Tara, rejects Ved, by saying that, “you’re not the same wild guy whom I met in Corsica. You are just a simple and decent guy who does his job every day”. Ved, thinking it’s a joke, laughingly replies, “yes, what you saw in Corsica, was just acting, but that’s not me, this is who I am, a simple and decent guy working as a Product Manager.” The actress, rejects his proposal by saying “You’re not my type” and walks away.

Ved, gets extremely hurt by what his lady love had done, and decides he needs to be mean to people for Tara to start loving him. Flashbacks are shown, and Ranbir, as a little kid loves storytelling and drama, but could not pursue his interests due to parential and societial pressure for an education and a job. Hence, he got the opportunity to act wild and carefree with Tara, while in Corsica. (Which in real life, he is not) The Mr. Nice Guy, Ved, decides to start doing drama and be mean to people around him. He uses foul languages during office presentations and eventually gets fired from his job.

Ved, starts getting depressed and gets jobless for six months, in this time, he starts his storytelling and drama that he always loved to do as a child. Tara, now feels that she has destroyed Ved’s life and career, by asking him to do what he’s not. She tries to get back to Ved, and wants him in her life, she persues Ved again and falls in love with him. Now would Ved accept Tara and live happily ever after, or will Ved shun his decent life and become a carefree and wild man for Tara again? That’s for you to hit the theatres and watch the movie to know.

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