Panjaa (2011)

Jaidev (Pawan Kalyan) is an accomplished hitman and the most trusted aide of Bhagawan (Jackie Shroff), who is the supreme Don of Kolkata. Jaidev remains loyal to him as he helped in seeking revenge with the people who raped his mother and sister when he came to Kolkata in his childhood after his father’s death. They share a business rivalry with Kulkarni (Atul Kulkarni), who aims to overthrow Bhagawan. Things are smooth until Bhagwan’s son Munna (Adivi Sesh) returns to India. He is a psychotic and highly impulsive youngster. He has his eyes on club dancer Jahnavi (Anjali Lavania) but she rejects him as she adores Jaidev.

Jaidev meanwhile comes across Sandhya (Sarah-Jane Dias), who is a soft-spoken environmentalist and tree lover. A mutual admiration for each other leads to a romantic involvement between the two. Munna meanwhile, continues to go crazy about Jahnavi and a tragedy ensues. Sabhapathi (Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao) works for Bhagawan. Munna mistreats Sabhapathi, but stupid Bhagawan doesn’t care. Sabhapathi joins Kulkarni’s gang to protect himself. Jaidev kidnaps Sampath’s son. Stupid Munna kills Sampath’s son due to laughter over Jhanavi loving Jaidev. Munna confronts Jhanavi at Jaidev’s flat. Munna brutally murders her. Jaidev kills Munna by throwing him from his flat. This scene is seen by Guravayya (Tanikella Bharani), an associate of Bhagavan who is an informer to Kulkarni. He reports this to Bhagavan to get rid of Jaidev.

Jaidev is forced to decide whether to retaliate or leave Kolkata completely. He chooses to leave out of loyalty to Bhagawan and heads to Palasa, the village of Sandhya where Sandhya’s brother Ashok (Subbaraju) is a valiant and kind-hearted cop. He comes across S.I.Paparayudu (Brahmanandam) and he solves the problems of the village by cleverly using Paparayudu.

Bhagawan on the other hand, cannot rest until he seeks out Jai for revenge. Firstly Bhagavan Kills Chotu (Ali) the best friend and associate of Jaidev. Meanwhile, Sandhya gets kidnapped and taken to Kolkata.

In a fit of rage at losing Chotu and Sandhya, Jaidev returns to Kolkata and starts hunting his rivals. He goes to Kulkarni’s house with heavy ammunition and kills everyone except Kulkarni as Jaidev promised him that he would not kill him. Kulkarni dies in his attempt to kill Jaidev. Later Jaidev kills Guruvayya as he gets information that Guruvayya was responsible for this Saga. At last Jaidev reaches Bhagavan who actually kidnapped Sandhya. After an emotional sequence, Jaidev shoots Bhagavan in his chest as Bhagavn shoots Sandhya. Jaidev unites with Sandhya and they both start a new and happy life.

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