Khalnayak (1993)

Everybody calls him a villian and he loves to be the Villian. he left home and his mother six years back….He faced 20 years imprisonment for several killings he committed including the one of a Polical Leader…. He made every policeman dance to his tune including the bold and brilliant intelligence Officer Ram Sinha(Jackie Shroff), when he escaped from right under his nose from his maximum security jail….

Cast: Madhuri Dixit, Jackie, Sanjay Dutt, Anupam

The movie which introduced the most controversial song ever in Indian Cinema – Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai. The music sale broke all of the previous records ever. The highly melodramatic movie by the dream merchant – Subash Ghai.

The story about a villian in search of love. A fugitive villian, meets a lady Police Officer, an undercover agent called Ganga (Madhuri Dixit) disguised as a dancing girl. He elopes with her, admires her, loves her and shocks her with his dramatics; both devious and lovable tactics..!! He is a raging, ruthless, incorrigible, unpredictable wild rake with an incredible sense of humor. He beats everybody at his own game till he himself is finally trapped by a thing called “Emotion”…

“Emotion of a Woman”
“Emotion of a Mother”
“Emotion if a Sacrificing Cop”

Now he is on the run-and-runs-and-runs-till he falls into the lap of his mother. – But then, it is too late for him to change because he is the Villian wanted by the Police and shoot at sight order. – An incredible, amazing story of a Villian in search of Love.

Sanjay Dutt as never before-!!
Jackie Shroff never so strong-!!!
Madhuri Dixit never so alluring-!!!

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