Aligarh (2016) *HQ*

Professor Srinivas Siras (Manoj Bajpayee) is the head of the modern Indian languages institute at the famed Aligarh University. He is the only Marathi teaching professor in the entire university and claims that with immense pride. One night, two reporters and four professors barge into Siras’ first floor apartment and record his intimate moments with a Muslim autowala. It is a shocking and embarrassing moment for professor Siras whose privacy is invaded shamelessly.

Coming to the conclusion that homosexuality will not be tolerated at the institution, the professor is suspended the next day. What’s more apathetic from the university’s side is the fact that they feel no shame in approaching the media and releasing the tape.

Grabbing the headlines on all major news sources, Siras’ story catches the eye of a budding journalist, Deepu Sebastin (Rajkummar Rao). Convincing his editor that Siras’ tale is more of a human interest story than just a report, Deepu becomes an important character who helps Siras open up and introduce us to his version of the story.

Approaching the court for his suspension which is against the law that decriminalizes homosexuality, will Siras win at the court of law and will the society be able to see him beyond his sexual preference is what the story is about.

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