Bhram-An illusion (2008)

Bhram is 2008 bollywood movie directed by Pavan Kaul and produced by Nari Hira.The movie casts Dino Morea, Milind Soman, Sheetal Menon and Simone Singh as the lead characters.Bhram is all about illusions and shows how a thin line demarcates truth from falsehood.It is about how people are not always what they apparently seem to be.The crux of the story is a murder mystery.The film deals with relationships Apart from the thrilling moments that revolve around solving the murder.

Bhram the so called illusion has been in talks right from its shooting schedule as constant arguments between Dino Morea and Milind Soman were pushed across the media. Considering the fact that both the handsome hunks were dating Bipasha Basu a long time back; can this be one of the many reasons for a rift?Nari Hira the media baron behind magazines such as Stardust, Society, Savvy and Showtime steps in as producer for this illusion –Bhram.

Pavan Kaul, the son of Surendra Kaul (noted writer of Namak Halal) is the captain of the ship.Bhram-An illusion is the story of Antara Tyagi (Sheetal Menon) and Shantanu Rawal (Dino Morea) and their love marred by the reality of life.Antra [Sheetal Menon] is a successful model, but is hiding behind the veil of a traumatic past.Shantanu [Dino Morea] is the most eligible bachelor around who is attracted to Antra.

The two develop a strong bond eventually and Antra is introduced to the family and Devendra [Milind Soman], Shantanu’s elder brother.Trauma strikes as Antara connects Dev to her unfortunate past. Is Dev really behind all of it or is it just Antara’s illusion?

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