Veer Zaara (2004)

After a long gap of seven years, Yash Chopra returns to direction with a movie about love and human relationships that cannot be constrained by borders and nationalities.A movie that aims to bridge the distance in the hearts of Indians and Pakistanis, Veer-Zaara is not an ordinary story – it is a Love Legend. This is a saga of love, separation, courage and sacrifice. A love that is divine, a love that is whole-hearted, a love that is completely consuming, a love that grows with separation, deepens with sacrifice.

A love that is an inspiration… and will remain a legend forever.

Appalled at Human Rights abuses in Pakistan, the International Human Rights Commission recruits an aspiring young lawyer, Saamiya Siddiqui, to look into the rights of prisoners, especially those who have been languishing in jails for years without getting a fair trial. One of the cases she is assigned pertains to Prisoner No.786 alias Rajesh Rathore an alleged spy for the Indian army who was caught red-handed spying, and sentenced indefinitely to jail.

Saamiya meets with an aged looking individual and finds out that his real name is Veer Pratap Singh. She is told that he has never spoken or said a word for over 22 years, but he responds to her as she calls him by his real name. Veer starts to tell his story to her, and thereafter she realizes that he is not Rajesh Rathore nor a spy – but a Sikh man who loves an Islamic woman, Zaara Haayat Khan; was caught up in a web of deceit and betrayal, made to sign a “confession”, and has since been languishing in prison.

She has to now prove that Veer has been wrongly jailed, but she faces many obstacles, including the fact that her peers do not approve of a woman doing a “man’s job”; and that the country’s top prosecutor, Zakir Ahmed, her former employer, is himself taking an interest in this case. Saamiya has her work cut for her, for she has to prove that it is not Rajesh Rathore who is imprisoned, but Veer Pratap Singh. All she can find out is that Veer Pratap Singh was killed in a bus accident 22 years ago.

So who exactly is Rajesh Rathore? And why didn’t Zaara come out in his defense?

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Opening Scene:

One early morning
Lifting the dark blanket of the night
From its pillow of mountain peak
The sun lifted its head
And saw…

The valley’s heart is filled with the season of love
And the branches of memories have sprouted
Innumerable blossoms of moments past
That begin to scent the air.
Unspoken, unheard yearnings
Half asleep, half awake
Look out sleepily at life
As it flows in wave upon wave
Every moment new, but also the same
Yes, this life!
Which encompasses love and grief
Meetings as well as partings, and a sense
That time is flowing like a river, whispering as it flows…
The valley’s heart is filled with the season of love
And the branches of memories have sprouted
Innumerable blossoms of moments past
That begin to scent the air…

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