Teraa Surroor (2016) *HQ*

The film starts off with a broad daylight murder of two individuals, which is followed by the ‘spot arrest’ of Tara Wadia Brownson (Farah Karimae) in a drugs case in Dublin. This is followed by a flashback of events that establishes Tara’s past with her present and the circumstances under which she was arrested. Knowing about her arrest, her would-be husband Raghu (Himesh Reshammiya) packs his bags and leaves for Dublin with a vow to prove her innocence and bring her back to India. But bringing Tara back is not at all as easy as he thought it to be. The rules and regulations of the Dublin jail happen to be so harsh that the jail authorities do not even allow Raghu to meet up with Tara, as per the law. That’s why Raghu immediately hires Elle Jardan (Monica Dogra), a well-known criminal lawyer in Dublin. On detailed investigation, Tara confesses to Elle that, she landed up in Dublin because of a certain ‘Aniruddh Brahmin’, her Facebook acquaintance, who invited her to perform on ‘India Day’ in Dublin. And when Elle tells her that there is no such day that exists in Dublin, the search then begins for the mysterious Aniruddh Brahmin and the reason as to why he implicated Tara falsely in the drugs case. That’s when Raghu comes across Enrique Santiago aka ‘The Bird’ (Naseeruddin Shah), known for his innumerable jail breaks and who charges ‘per word’ for his advice (read techniques) on jail breaks. Enrique then chalks out a plan for Raghu, which, if not executed in 20 minutes, will prove to be a fatal disaster for both Raghu and Tara. Will Raghu be able to execute the jailbreak plan in a mere 20 minutes for his ladylove Tara, does Elle become successful in proving Tara’s innocence in the case, who is the real Aniruddh Brahmin and what was the reason behind him falsely framing Tara in the drugs case is what forms the rest of the story.

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