Tere Ghar Ke Samne (1963)

Set in Delhi in 1962, Lala Jagannath (Om Prakash) and Seth Karam Chand (Harindranath Chattopadhyay), two wealthy businessmen, are bidding for the front plot in a government auction. One is westernised and wears black-rimmed spectacles, the other, traditional turban and linen. Adamant on getting the front plot of land, Lala Jagannath raises the price higher and higher. Seth Karam Chand irks him even further by raising the price by a paltry 1000 rupees, made worse by the fact that Seth Karam Chand raises his finger, leaving the auctioneer (Jankidas) and the crowd to interpret the meaning. Lala Jagannath winds up with the front plot, but at the last moment, Seth Karam Chand comes in and quotes an insane price for the back plot, leaving the rest to think something has gone wrong with him.

Back home, Seth Karam Chand informs his wife about his decision, and the two banter, with him talking about “style”. His daughter, Sulekha (Nutan) points out that that their house will be hidden by Lala Jagannath’s one. Not willing to let such a thing happen, Seth Karam Chand and Sulekha hire an architect, Rakesh (Dev Anand).[13] After a little friction and misunderstanding, Rakesh gets to know Sulekha, and her brother, Ranjit. (Rajendra Nath). His sidekick, Madan, (Rashid Khan), sets his eyes on Sulekha’s friend, Motiya (Parveen Choudhary).

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