Eent Ka Jawab Patthar (1982)

The movie starts with the love story of Lakshmi (Neeta Mehta) who is the sister of a corrupt lawyer who is also the Deewaan (a senior official working for the state, taking care of mainly the financial affairs) of the king of a princely state and Maadho Singh (Surendra Paal) who is a naval officer. Deewaan loots the treasure of the princely state by keeping the king unmindful of the happenings around through alcohol and the charms of a courtesan named as Rajni. Deewaan and his criminal associates work with a smuggler named as Sevak Raam (Premnaath) and a corrupt cop (Raza Muraad) helps them. Finally, Deewaan and his associates not only kill the king by poisoning him through Rajni but also trap Maadho Singh who is after their smuggling activities, in a false murder case. Maadho Singh is sentenced to life imprisonment whereas Deewaan arranges the marriage of Lakshmi to the corrupt cop who is hand-in-glove with him in all his wrongdoings.

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