Love Games (2016) *HQ*

Ramona Raichand (Patralekhaa) is a high society socialite married to Om Raichand who is 20 years elder to her. Her past has made her numb to love and all she enjoys in life is sex and money.

Sam Saxena (Gaurav Arora) is the high society playboy. Rich father, a job on a platter. Getting high and sleeping around is what he does. He has everything and yet nothing. He can’t feel happiness and has to cut himself to feel pain.

Alisha Asthana (Tara Alisha Berry), a young, intelligent, promising surgeon but beaten up by her husband, Gaurav, if she makes the smallest of mistakes. She is in the marriage with him for the sake of her parents.

When Ramona and Sam begin to play love games to rid themselves of burden it seems like they’re playing a dangerous game. Sam is Ramona’s addiction, she is willing to kill for this addiction. Alisha and her husband become the target for Ramona and Sam’s love game but somewhere along the road Sam falls in love with Alisha. Alisha too falls in love with him. Ramona finds out and begins to make life hell for them.

A game of love that just turned dangerous. What extent will Ramona go to save her addiction? Will Alisha be able to handle Sam’s truth? Will Sam and Alisha be able to live together?

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