Maa Aur Mamta (1970)

Maya (Nutan), a poor girl, is the daughter of a “chaprasi” named Gopal (Shivraj) who works for a kind-hearted Catholic priest Father Henry (Rehman). One night, while her father is dying, there is a knock on the door. Maya opens it, only to find Father Henry rushing in with a babe in arms. He gives the child in Mayas care and begs her to guard the child until he returns to claim it. Maya’s father dies. Father Henry disappeared, and Maya is left literally “holding the baby.” The local panchayat, believing the worst, drives her away. Coming to Bombay, Maya and the child, whom she has named Ram, find shelter in the home of a good-hearted taxi-driver named Cassim (Jayant). Years pass, and Ram (Jeetendra) grows up into a fine and handsome young man, a college-going student. In the course of time Cassam gives up taxi-driving to become a chauffeur in the employment of Mr. Williams (Ashok Kumar), a wealthy Catholic businessman.

Watch Online (Youtube)
Watch Online (Youtube)

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