Oomar Qaid (1961)

Manoharlal a jeweller is sentenced to life for the murder of his partner pleading to the last that he was innocent, but caught in a web of circumstances. . His grief stricken wife gives away their only child to her good friend Poornima to keep him away from the shame and disgrace which his befallen his parents. . Years pas away and fate provides Manoharlal in Jail with a clue to proving his innocence. . The clue is a man named Kamroo who was eye witness to the murder of Bansidhar and knew the real killer., Manoharlal is determined to find Kamroo. . Meanwhile Manohar Lal now grown up son has become a Police Inspector and through chance is once again brought in touch with his own mother without knowing it. It is now his duty to catch the escaped convict Manoharlal, without knowing that he will be chasing his own father. . The poor mother knows it all. . What will the son and father do when they come to know of their relationship ? . What will the killer do ?

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