Prince (2011)

The ad maker Vishnu (Darshan) with counterpart Anjali (Nikitha) falls in love and soon it is marriage. When Vishnu comes up with a crazy idea for ‘Jockey’ undergarments he reaches the top. He moves to a bigger house and this is where the police mistakenly attack him as a terrorist. At this house a terrorist lived and police makes a blunder. To cover up the blunder they frame Vishnu as a terrorist. The lawyer arguing the case also cheats Vishnu. He is sentenced for admitting on the advice of lawyer. This is where the realization starts. Anjali with the help of Priti (Jennifer Kotwal) arrange for Parole to Vishnu bringing the actual information to the judge.

On Parole Vishnu is Rajakumara (these two names of icons of Kannada cinema are used very lively in the film). As Rajakumara the revenge saga unfolds. Vishnu takes the drastic step because the cops have killed his pregnant wife and framed again it as a road accident.

Darshan has lived up to the image of challenging star. He has emoted very well in a jail sequence with Nikitha. It is a ‘Bombat Bojana’ for his fans. Darshan looks stylish in dance sequences.

Nikitha has given a wonderful performance understanding her role but her skin show in the beginning was not required. Jennifer Kotwal knees and legs projected in the opening scene is highly difficult to digest. A performer Jennifer Kotwal has to be careful because such scenes give wrong signal.

Ramesh Bhat and Suchendra Prasad are precise. Avinash is amazing again. Shobaraj mixing comedy to his villain role wins. Ravi Verma and Palani Raj stunts are brilliant.

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