Janbaaz (1986)

Rana Vikram Singh lives in a spacious farm-house with his wife, Laxmi and two sons Rajesh; a police officer by profession and Amar who looks after the farm and often gets his way with woman and alcohol. When a distant relative of Laxmi; Reshma comes to reside at their bungalow, Amar shares an intimate relationship with her which eventually turns to jealousy and murder. Now Amar is on the run from the police especially his older brother Rajesh who has been assigned the task of arresting him. In trying to get away from police Amar will find himself corned with some dangerous criminal elements who his brother is on the lookout for and who is now holding him as hostage to lure Rajesh to them so that they can do away with both the brothers.

Watch Online (Youtube)
Watch Online (Youtube)

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