Ujala (1959)

Ramu (Shammi Kapoor), his family consisting of his mother (Leela Chitnis) and three siblings, and his sweetheart Chhabili (Mala Sinha) are poor, but they dream of a better life and keep trying to achieve it. In the process his childhood friend and villain in the movie Kalu (Raaj Kumar) creates obstacles for his ambitions.

Ramu is dragged into an evil world, where Kalu makes him realize that it is easy money to rob someone; honesty apparently has no value. Ramu gets pulled into this world when his sister meets with a car accident. He needs money for her treatment and she dies due to the lack of it. Ramu now joins Kalu and his gang. Kalu kills one of his gang members who betrays him. Kalu convinces Ramu that he may get blamed for the murder so Ramu goes into hiding. He works for a man making knives from where Kalu steals a silver knife, which belongs to a police officer. This implicates Ramu further where he’s again on the run. After a final fight with Kalu, Ramu is able to prove his innocence.

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