A Flying Jatt (2016) *HQ*

The film starts off with the introduction of the filthy rich and extremely money-minded Malhotra (Kay Kay Menon) and his expansion plans for his construction company. Amidst his plans of expansion, Mrs. Kartar Singh aka Bebe (Amrita Singh) acts as a barrier as it’s her (late) husband’s land that Malhotra wants to usurp for his project. Even when Malhotra offers double the value of the land to Bebe, she just does not budge to his offer, as she reasons that Malhotra’s companies are the root cause of pollution in the city. That’s when Malhotra summons the deadly and towering Rakka (Nathan Jones) so that he could throw Bebe and the other residents out of the ‘Kartar Singh Colony’, which is also home to an extremely pious and wish fulfilling tree. When Rakka is just about to cut down the tree, opposition comes in the form of Aman (Tiger Shroff), a normal martial arts teacher in a school.

Just as when Rakka is about to chop the tree, a certain miracle takes place and, while Aman is blessed with superlative superpowers, Rakka on the other hand, gets the evil powers. Rakka’s powers become deadlier whenever he inhales the polluted air. Seeing Aman with superpowers, his mother nicknames him as ‘Flying Jatt’, after his late father. What happens after that are a series of fights between Flying Jatt and Rakka, rescue missions galore and many such events. Amidst all this, there also exists Aman’s unspoken love for Kirti (Jacqueline Fernandez), who is unaware of the fact that everyone’s angel saviour ‘Flying Jatt’ is Aman himself. Does Aman ever muster the courage to confess his love to Kirti, does Kirti ever get to know that Aman and Flying Jatt are one and the same, does the Flying Jatt manage to beat Rakka’s… is what forms the rest of the story.

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