Chal Mere Bhai (2000)

This is the story of two brothers, Vicky (Sanjay Dutt) and Prem Oberoi (Salman Khan) and how their lives are turned upside down by a girl named Sapna (Karishma Kapoor).

Vicky is a business tycoon who runs his family’s business bidding on multinational contracts. When he needs a secretary he meets Sapna, a girl who has lost her family and has moved in with her uncle and auntie. Sapna doesn’t have the required experience to be Vicky’s secretary, but Vicky’s father, Balraj Oberoi is impressed by Sapna’s passion and hires her.

Prem is an aspiring actor, much to the chagrin of Balraj, who would like Prem to also work for the family business. However, Prem’s grandmother and Vicky support Prem’s decision to be an actor.

Sapna’s career as a secretary has many blunders:- At first—she is so nervous around Vicky she makes numerous mistakes. But when Vicky is attacked after work, it is Sapna’s fast thinking that saves his life. Vicky’s family becomes fond of Sapna very quickly—Prem especially.

Prem and Sapna fall in love with each other, but before Prem can tell his family, Sapna’s auntie and Prem’s grandmother arrange for Vicky and Sapna to be married. However, on the day before the marriage, Vicky finds out that Sapna loves Prem not him. Finally Prem and Sapna are united

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