Yaar Gaddar (1994)

Mithun is an honest police officer of the department and he is in love with Somy Ali. Even though he is a strict person to the outside world, he is lenient with his younger brother Saif at home. Saif Ali Khan, a “happy go lucky” guy falls in love with Shweta. Meantime, a group of five criminals (Prem Chopra, Gulshan Grover,Punit Issar, Amrit Pal and Sheila) plots a bank robbery and Saif is implicated in the robbery putting him on the run from the police. Officially Mithun is assigned the task of arresting Saif at any cost and he makes all efforts to nab Saif, but fails. Another important character is a governor, husband of Sheila. The situation become even worse when the members of the group are killed one by one. Mithun is now determined to catch Saif dead or alive. Meanwhile, Mithun also reveals that his girlfriend Somy Ali is a bar dancer who works in the bar owned by the same criminals. On the other hand, Saif also tries to collect evidence to prove his innocence to his brother, but gets in a bigger problem as Somy Ali sees him coming out of the house of the criminal who was killed.

Watch Online (Dailymotion)
Watch Online (Dailymotion)

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