Kodi (2016)

For Kodi (Dhanush), politics has been a part of his life ever since his birth. His father (Karunaas, in a cameo), a low-rung party worker, brings him up to become a politician, before setting himself on fire, protesting against a factory who toxic mercury waste has ruined lives in the locality. Kodi’s look-alike twin, Anbu (Dhanush), is a contrast to his rough-and-tough brother. He is a college lecturer and a pacifist. Kodi is the secretary of his party’s youth wing, and his girlfriend Rudra (Trisha), who belongs to the rival party and has been in politics since childhood like him, is appointed as the candidate for an upcoming bye-election. Meanwhile, Kodi comes in possession of documents relating to the factory that could ruin his party’s chances in the election, and to keep him silent, his party leadership announces him as their candidate. To what lengths will these lovers go to win, and how does Anbu get into the mix?

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