Nadiya Ke Paar (1948)

One of the Dilip-Kamini films so much loved by the post-war generations.Loosely a Romeo-Juliet story with both the leading stars in blissfully ‘cupid’ form.Dilp looking very handsome,impish,daring and boyish here.Kamini Kaushal appears very innocent and alluring.The romance is close to life.Music is dated and the script is average.The direction is excellent.The comical antics of David and co. are very 1948.Looking closely we realize how much the eyes and body language can contribute to a film.Moral values may have changed since this film was made but the innocence,ignorance and reckless abandon of love still prevail.It has not yet aspired that a hero so boyish and lost like this young Dilip has appeared on the Bollywood screen.Romeo and Juliet Indian style with spices extra!!

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