Zeenat (1945)

Wealthy Sharafat Hussain weds equally wealthy Zeenat but on the day of the ceremony due to fireworks, his horse tosses him down and he is injured. He does recover overnight, spends time with his wife, gets worse and then passes away. When the Hussain family find that Zeenat is pregnant, they accuse her of sleeping with another male and ask her to leave. She subsequently gives birth to a daughter, Sahida, and decides to abandon her on Sharafat’s grave and goes to kill herself. When Sahida starts to cry, she returns back and finds her gone. She does locate her living with the Hakim family and quite dramatically decides to be her Aayah. Years later, Sahida has grown up, is in love with Akhtar, and their wedding is arranged. It is during the ceremony that Zeenat’s past will come to haunt her when the groom’s family turn down this alliance as no one knows the father of Sahida.

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