Lahore (1949)

‘Lahore’ is a nice film for its accurate portrayal of a partition victim couple who are neighbors and are in love with each other and they live in the city of Lahore. But somehow during the partition the girl is left in Lahore and the boy migrates to India with his whole family because he is a Hindu and anti-Hindu riots break out in the city of Lahore where he used to stay with his family. And now, after partition of India, Lahore has become a part of the newly formed Islamic nation, Pakistan. When the boy reaches India he somehow meets his girlfriend’s mother who was there in the same refugee camp. But, he got to know that his lover has been left alone in Pakistan. I won’t reveal the story further. Watch it yourself to know exactly what happens after this.

‘Lahore’ is a nice film which was released in India in 1949, just a couple of years after the partition of India. Therefore, the portrayal of emotions by the actors seems real and authentic. In real life, perhaps some of the actors were also victims of partition. But, i am not too sure about that. It’s just a wild guess.

Watch Online (Youtube)
Watch Online (Youtube)

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