Uttar Dakshin (1987)

At the time of his mother’s death, Raja comes to know that his father is still alive and living a wealthy life. Raja now befriends Shankran, his step-brother and steals his girlfriend Chanda (played by Madhuri Dixit). He also fraudulently takes signatures of Shankran on certain property papers. However, Shankran’s mother is a very intelligent lady and catches Raja red-handed. However, she does not hand him over the police when she comes to know that he is her step son. Meanwhile, Shankran is unable to handle Chanda’s rejection and is in grief. However, he too excuses Raja after he comes to know that he is his step brother. Meanwhile, their father Krishnakant (played by Kulbhushan Kharbanda) returns from abroad and when he comes to know about this, he is very upset. He is about to take action against Raja but excuses him after he comes to know that he is his elder son. All’s well that ends well.

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