Bhayaanak (1979)

The story begins with a beautiful woman (Ranjeeta) being manhandled by some goons outside a local cemetery. The goons are interrupted by a police inspector (Mithun). Since Mithun is not in his police uniform, the goons take him for a nerd and try to scare him away from the scene. Mithun beats them up and saves the girl. The girl has no relatives and is new in the town. Mithun and Ranjeeta come along on the same note and begin dating each other. Soon they decide to get married and settle down. It’s not very long when Mithun is transferred to another town (Mangalpur?). Promising his newly wed wife a quick reunion at Mangalpur, Mithun leaves for his destination. Few days later, Ranjeeta receives a telegram from Mangalpur. She comes to know that unable to pick her up, Mithun has asked her to come to Mangalpur all by herself. Ranjeeta takes a bold decision of going to Mangalpur.

Watch Online (Youtube)
Watch Online (Youtube)

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