Yuvraaj (1979)

The Samrat of Suryadesh, Suryadev, travels to Pushpapuri in order to wed Rajkumari Nandini, but instead ends up getting married to her maid, Meenakshi, much to the chagrin of Nandini. Shortly thereafter a son, Vikramdev, is born to Meenakshi, and Nandini plots with a sorcerer, Mahendra, who turns Suryadev and Meenakshi into a pearl necklace, and a beggar respectively, while he takes on the guise of Suryadev himself, declares that Vikramdev and Meenakshi are dead, weds Nandini, and subsequently announces that they are parents of a daughter, Pallavi, who is actually his biological daughter from a previous marriage. Years later, Vikramdev surfaces, he was raised by elephants in the jungles, rescues Pallavi, who teaches him to read, speak, and write, both fall in love and get married. Then Vikramdev sets out to search for his biological parents, finds his mother, takes back his kingdom by exposing Mahendra and Nandini, while Nandini is killed, Mahendra is imprisoned. Then he and Pallavi set out to find a way to bring back Suryadev to life – not realizing that both their lives will be shattered when Vikramdev will age instantly and Pallavi will turn into stone.

Watch Online (Youtube)
Watch Online (Youtube)

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