Maan Abhiman (1980)

Ajay Choudhary (Raj Kiran) takes over his father, Mathuraprasad’s (Amrish Puri business and agrees to look after all affairs. On his first assignment, he travels to a remote rural community to settle a property deal. There he meets a young, embittered woman named Mallika Singh (Rameshwari), the daughter of Mathuraprasad’s deceased partner, Thakur Sumer Singh. Ajay is attracted to her, but she shuns him at every meeting. It is then Ajay decides to find out why she is so bitter and angry with him, and finds out that it was his father who embezzled money and properties from a trusting Sumer Singh, leaving the later penniless, with a house that is heavily mortgaged. Sumer and Mallika had both sworn to distrust the evil Mathuraprasad and his kin throughout their lives. How will Ajay make amends to settle scores and triumph in his love?

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