Anaarkali Of Aarah (2017) *HQ*

‘Bihar Ki Dulhari’ Anaarkali (Swara Bhaskar) is an orchestra singer in Aarah who makes the crowd go beserk with her innuendo-laden lines and suggestive ‘latkas’ and ‘jatkas’. She is unbashed about her sexuality and at a point in the film even admits that she is no ‘Sati Savitri’. But does that give a man the right to touch her without her consent? It so happens that one of her admirers, Dharmendra Chauhan (Sanjai Mishra) who happens to be the Vice Chancellor of a prestigious university ends up molesting her in an inebriated state in front of the audience during a show. Enraged by this heinous act, Anaarkali slaps him in full public view and insists on filing a police FIR against him. Unfortunately, Chauhan turns the table over her and uses his affluent powers to get her arrested in a flesh trade case. If that isn’t enough, he even sends his men to bump her off. Anaarkali who is on a run soon lands up in Delhi escaping from her pursuers. Will she make a fresh start there and live up our dreams or return back to Aarah to fight for her dignity and teach Chauhan and his men a lesson? The rest of the film revolves around this plot.

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