Intezar (1973)

Chanda (Rinku Jaiswal) comes to the city to work as a maid servant in the house of a wealthy young woman named Sheela. Sheela (Padmini Kapila) leads a saintly life, having renounced all worldly pleasures and her brother Anand lives with her. Anand’s friend, Sathyan comes to visit him and falls in love with Sheela while Raghav, a servant doing odd jobs in the household falls in love with Chanda. But Anand takes advantage of Chanda and she becomes pregnant. He then abandons Chanda and absconds. Chanda is thrown out of Sheela’s house, but she finds shelter in Raghav’s house. Raghav says that he is responsible for her state thereby saving her from shame. Sathyan brings Anand back home and forces him to ask Chanda’s hand in marriage. Will Chanda accept Anand or Raghav? Will Sathyan triumph in his love for Sheela?

Watch Online (Youtube)
Watch Online (Youtube)

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