Aaj (1987)

Akshay (Kumar Gaurav) is a youngster whose sister has been missing for a long time. Akshay often wanders around on streets looking for her. One day he meets and befriends a girl (Anamika Pal) who helps him to search his sister with him. The movie traces their search, and the twists that their own lives take during this search.[5]

Aaj is about Anjali Bakshi, an independent nature, head-strong daughter of a rich industrialist, who leaves no stone unturned to see her happy always! Arun Bakshi is not very pleased to see his daughter enjoy her job of Rs. 600/- a month as a reporter with News of India. At the local police station where she goes to investigate, Anjali meets Akshay, a young boy, dim in the head, looking for his missing, elder sister, Kavita. This young man is not capable of doing anything except deliver flowers for a florist.

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