Vaamanan (2009)

Anand (Jai) is a young carefree boy from Salem who comes to Chennai to stay along with his friend Chandru (Santhanam) to pursue his dream to become an actor.

Anand uses the help from his friend Chandru, a television journalist, and his newly found girlfriend, Divya (Priya Anand). Meanwhile, minister Viduthalai, who was touted to become the next chief minister, is killed by minister Anbu Chezhiyan (Sampath Raj), which accidentally gets recorded on tape of an Ad film director Vinoth. He befriends a famous model Pooja (Lakshmi Rai).

They both see the video and inform the joint commissioner Kailasam, who is also a hand-in-glove in the murder. Kailasam sends some goons to get the tape and Vinoth evades. After a long chase, they get him killed in a train, where Anand and Divya were travelling.

Anand, having witnessed the murder places the tape into Divya’s bag, which she misses in the train. Anand develops a friendship with her after this. In an urge to become an actor he always observes the character of people with the strange attitude and one such person is John Vijay (Rahman). Anand joins him and John promises to make him an actor. He would take Anand to a stranger’s home, break the house and do some stuffs as if they were thief.

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