Faraar (1955)

During the British occupation of India, Gora (Dev Anand), Ajay, Anjali and her husband, Bipin are a a group of revolutionaries actively involved in fighting the British forces. Their plans to carry out bomb explosions are foiled when Bipin betrays his group and becomes ready to identify them in Court. During the Court hearing, Gora shoots Bipin and while escaping he gets mortally wounded. Along with Ajay, Gora flees to Portuguese-occupied Goa and recuperates in the clinic of a rebel doctor. To avoid suspicion, he is instructed to masquerade as the husband of Nurse Meenakshi. Gora acquires property where he sets up a hideout to manufacture explosives. But nothing will prepare him for the vicious treachery that lies ahead.

Watch Online (Youtube)
Watch Online (Youtube)

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