Kalam (2016)

One of the finest Tamil horror movies dubbed into Hindi. An extortionist acquires a mansion and gifts it to his estranged son not realising the gruesome history behind the place.

As for as debut efforts go, Kalam is a well-made piece of work. The filmmaking is assured, the performances decent and the plot has surprises to keep us engaged. There are times when we can see the director, Robert Raaj, ticking off one must-have after another in this genre (hooded figures, possessed kids, suspicious-looking maid, creepy props, et al), and thankfully, they mostly do not come across as cliched. And it also helps that they are tense and scary, thanks to Mukesh G’s camera angles and the background score by Josh Franklin and Subish Chandran (who has also written the dialogues).

The plot involves a couple, Gautham and Deeksha, moving into an opulent house that has been gifted to them by the former’s father, Madhan. Madhan is an extortionist and has managed to make this building, which belonged to a zamindar and whose heirs are no longer alive, his own. Very soon, eerie things begin to happen and Deeksha learns from Neela, an artist who visits the place, that the building has a gruesome history and it could possibly be haunted. Enter Srinivasan, a psychic who tries to help them. Can he save them before it is too late?

As in Pizza, a large portion of Kalam happens in a single building and with a handful of characters. Almost half of the film’s running time involves characters (mostly alone, and at times, with company) walking from one room of the building to the next after sensing a mysterious presence.

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