Oh Bewafa (1980)

Vikram alias Vikki Kapur is a pilot and his main weakness is women. He uses his charms to snare them, promises to marry them and then disappears just before the wedding ceremony. Radha is one of his victims and is devastated by this betrayal. She vows to avenge her humiliation, and starts modelling as a career. She accumulates enough wealth and hires a private detective to trace Vikki. The private detective traces Vikki, who is now married to Meena. Radha uses her resourcefulness to manipulate his life. First she makes him lose one job after another, until he can no longer find employment. Then Radha meets R.K., a wealthy industrialist, who owns several planes, and goes to live with him. They hire Vikki as their pilot and this is where Radha’s plot takes shape, when she seduces Vikki and then asks him to kill his wife, so that she can have him to herself.

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