Taj (1956)

God and Notare had bestowed aplenty the gift of musical genius. . He was a great devotee of the Muse of Melody. He firmly believed that Almighty reside (was present) in the melody that poured forth from the deepest fathoms. He even believed that if such music fell on a dead mans ears, life would be revived! . The Princess of Roopnagar, on the contrary, had put a ban on music. It was a ceime, in her kingdom, for any one to sing. . The Guru of Puran sent him to this kingdom-from where the light of music had been extinguishes. Puran reached the outskirts of the kingdom-and the miment he got there he began to pour forth melody from his theoat-and was immediately pur under arrest. . He was produced before the Princess! . The Princess was suffering from paralytic stroke. But Purans music cured her of her disease-she got a fresh lease of life. . The light of music that was extinguished wasrelighted.

Watch Online (Youtube)
Watch Online (Youtube)

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