Maan Abhiman (1980)

Young and enthusiastic Ajay Choudhary returns home to his widowed father, Mathuraprasad, sister, Rekha, and her fiancĂ©, Dr. Ravikant. His father instructs him to take over the business as he no longer keeps good health. Ajay is overwhelmed by this but agrees to look after all affairs. One of his first assignment is to secure a palatial house in a remote rural community. He travels there, and meets with his father’s Munim, and they visit the said house. It is here that Ajay first sets his eyes on a young, embittered woman named Mallika Singh, the daughter of Mathura’s deceased partner Thakur Sumer Singh. Ajay is attracted to her, but she shuns him at every meeting. Ajay gets friendly with her brother, Sumo, but this does not auger well her either, and she forbids him from seeing Ajay.

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