Raagini (1958)

Binda, an old musician in a village near Bombay, has brought up his son Rajan, in the hope that one day Rajan will become a great musician.With Rajan, as a part of him, has grown up Raagini, now a beatuous village belle, the inspiration for his music.This blossoming flower is sought to be ravished by the rustic Jaggu, who finding Rajan in his way, succeeds in winning the orthodox villagers to his side and making them compel Binda to extern his own son from the village.Rajan struggles in the big city, seeking a break. Ultimately fates steers him to the celebrated dancer Sitara.Sitara is the creation of noble-minded Jugal, the propreitor of Roop Kala Theatre, who was lifted her from the slums. At present, however, Sitaras life is in gloom owing to her heart aliment which was forced to her retire from her artistic avtivities.

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