Farz Aur Kanoon (1982)

Fulfilling his duty and protecting law is the life of Inspector Ranjit Kumar and this is his only religion in life. The couple Ranjit Kumar and Bharti paired as that of Ram and Sita of the present age. Their happiness had no bounds when Bharti was admitted in the hospital for her first delivery. Soon it changed to sadness as they came to know from Bharti s father that the child was born dead. The sad days than bloomed out to happiness. As within a year Bharti gave birth to a child – Ravi. They forgot the grief of their first child s loss and together looked forward for the upbringing of Ravi. They has the intension of making him an honest and big personality. But Ravi from the very beginning had fell into bad company. From childhood itself he started smoking ciggarett – playing cards – robbing things etc. Due to these bad habits Ravi was admitted to a hoistal from where he lateer ran away.

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