Lahu Pukarega (1980)

The enviornment makes a man. A very true example are Satyajeet and Sandeep. They are both brothers and have been brought in an orphange Sandeep had an urge to wear a watch. So he managed to get the watch of the Manager by committing theft. Satyajeet being the elder, took the blame on himself. As a result he was punished and got the reputation of a thief. . Gulshan Rai was a well known lawyer and was childless. He adopted Sandeep and took him away. Now every theft was pinned down to Satyajeet. When he could not bear it any more, he escaped from the orphange. . The environments changed. . In Gulshan Rais house, Sandeep found all the love, care, education and everything that a normal child wants. And following the footsteps of his foster father, he too become a lawyer. Satyajeet after leaving the orphanage was left a destitute having no one to care about him and nothing to fall back upon. But human desires were there. Hunger dragged him into the company of street urchins, destitutes like him whom are born on footpaths and die on footpaths.

Watch Online (Youtube)
Watch Online (Youtube)

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