Tulsidas (1954)

Accused of stealing a Ram Murthy from a Mandir, a young lad, who was abandoned by his parents, and called Ram Bhola, is taken in by compassionate Guru Narhari Das. He is enrolled in his ashram in the village of Soru and is instructed to water the Tulsi plants. Initially, the other students call him Anami, but later he is re-named Tulsidas. He grows up under the care of his Guru and makes himself knowledgeable with scripts from the Holy Ramayan and recites them publicly. Dinbandhu Pathak of Badiya Village is impressed with his recitals and decide to get him married to his daughter, Ratnavali, much to the displeasure of Tulsidas’ colleague, Ravi Datt Sharma. The marriage does take place and Tulsidas looks after a shop that was given as a dowry, and the couple continue to lead a harmonious life. Their idyllic life will soon be shattered when Ratnavali decides to visit her ailing father and a love-lorn Tulsidas breaks into their house as he cannot live without her. It is this unauthorized entry that will result in changing the couple’s life forever.

Watch Online (Youtube)
Watch Online (Youtube)

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