Night Club (1958)

Naresh Saigal’s ‘Night Club’ is a dark den of iniquity controlled by Pran (Mubarak).The den in question is made of cheap plywood and its secrets which take Inspector Kishor (Ashok Kumar) all of 2 hours of film time to unearth, include a phone hidden inside a wall,an alarm button on a step, and a door that leads into a corridor and is supposed to be used as an entrance and exit by Pran, but which we never really see him use. And yes, there is also a switch which can put off all the lights, whenever anyone is in trouble. Ofcourse, someone has to press the switch, it is not intelligent enough to sense trouble.

Vijay, one of Mubarak’s men is a police informer. After a foiled robbery attempt by Pran, Vijay calls his childhood friend from the den, addressing him as Inspector Kishor, and spends some time castigating him for failing to apprehend Pran and his henchmen in the act. Of course, he is overheard by Pran who proceeds to kill him.

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