Darvinte Parinamam (2016)

Anil Anto and his wife shift from Kottarakara and settle down with help of his friends in Kochi. They rent a small apartment and slowly settle down to their lives. Anil works for a cable TV company as a technician. Gorilla Darvin is a well known gangster who along with his brothers rule Kochi underworld. Anil’s wife is pregnant and they are very happy. During a drive by Darvin’s brother steals Anil’s wives’ chain and pushes her down causing an abortion. Their lives turns due to this incident. They complain to police to no avail. During an installation, he sees the person who caused this problem. He chases them and gets into a fight. He brutally beats him up and takes him to police. The Police inspector is a cousin of Darvin and abuses Anil for beating up a culprit. He then calls up Darvin to come pick his brother.

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