Dongala Mutha (2011)

A couple, Sudheer (Ravi Teja) and Rani (Charmme Kaur), is traveling in a car on a deserted road for friend’s marriage. They take a short cut to reach the venue when their car conks out and they end up in an old, dilapidated and a seedy resort. They meet a weird hotel staff member, Subbaraju, who claims that he is The Receptionist. He tells them that the hotel is full. Another guy, who calls himself The Manager (Supreet), tells them that one room is vacant and they are allotted room number 8. Inside the hotel Sudheer and Rani realize that the room has not been cleaned for many days. When they order for lunch, the resort staff bring the menu but they say that nothing is available. Sudheer shouts at the hotel staff and they tell him that he can take their car and drive to a nearby village where he can get a mechanic but they tell him that he cannot take his wife along with him. Sudheer gets irritated and asks them to get out. Soon, both hear some weird sounds from the next room. But to their surprise that adjacent room is locked. Sudheer slowly starts realizing that he and Rani are getting more and more trapped in a do or die situation.

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