The Meow (2018)

Meow was in the news ever since it took off owing to the fact that a cat plays a crucial role in it. A murder mystery, set against the backdrop of Coimbatore, it starts with the importance of Selfie (cat) in an apartment where people of varied nature reside. The gang of four, Gowtham (Raja), Karthi (Sanjay), Kiran (Hayden) and Akash (Kumar), is known to most of the residents there. The happy-go-lucky guys, who are often jovial in nature, get killed in unusual and horrifying circumstances one after the another. This leads to a panic among those who live in the apartment.

Model Sughana (Urmila Gayathri), who stays in the apartment, is suspected behind the murders by a few. She, however, gets a breakthrough in this case and informs the cop about her findings. They are in for a surprise when they get to know that Selfie is behind the cold-blooded murders. After knowing that the cat possesses some supernatural powers, the inmates of the apartment hire an exorcist from abroad to stop the animal from committing further attacks. What drives the cat to finish off the youngsters and whose spirit does the small kitten carry is for the viewers to find out.

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