The Fakir Of Venice (2019) *LQ*

Adi (Farhan Akhtar) is a much in demand production guy who is famous for procuring rare and interesting articles. Once, he gets a commission from a curator belonging to a gallery in Venice to get him an authentic Indian fakir for an art installation project. He goes to Varanasi but is unable to find one. Finally, he chances upon daily wage worker Sattar (Annu Kapoor), who has been performing the act of lying buried in sand since childhood. Adi dresses him up as a Fakir and flies with him to Venice. The problem is that Sattar is a raging alcoholic and may be hiding a secret. Circumstances force them not only to share a room but also a double bed. The two men, from different backgrounds and worldviews become friends of sorts over time. The association opens up Adi’s heart and makes him a better human being in the process.

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