Velipadinte Pusthakam (2017)

The Lal Jose directorial Velipadinte Pusthakam starts out like the usual ‘good professor who turns around students who play truant’ story. The stage set is quite familiar, with warring groups on campus and a helpless management that is unable to resolve the problems.

Our hero, Michael Idiculla (Mohanlal) steps in, performing a crowd- pleasing cycle stunt and we sit back, thinking we know how this one will go. He’s the guy who plays fair to the ‘chandha’ boys, the students from the fishing community who study in the college and are ridiculed by others for it.

However, the film takes an unexpected shift and moves to another genre altogether – a murder mystery.

We go into the life of a rowdy named Vishwananthan (Anoop Menon) who was killed by a ruthless enemy. And Michael Idiculla becomes the key who unlocks the mystery.

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