Bombay Summer (2009)

For well-to-do couple Geetha (Tannishtha Chatterjee) and Jaidev (Samrat Chakrabarti), life consists in artistic labor, dodging parental smothering and the occasional, always covert, sexual encounter. A new friendship, with a charming and financially strapped graphic artist who delivers drugs on the side, Madan (Jatin Goswami), lures them into a part of their city they never knew. It is one with households without maids and drug trafficking as the only way out, even if the exit never quite comes. At first, Geetha and Jaidev are incredulous at this other side of the city, then appalled, and quickly fascinated by it. It turns out befriending someone different than oneself can not only cure writer’s block (Jaidev’s) and awaken the libido (Geetha’s), but also tear down one of heterosexuality’s main promises of foundation: monogamy.

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