Ghar Dwaar (1985)

Dhanraj resides with his two brothers, Chander and Ketan, his sister, Asha, and wife, Savitri, in their family home. Dhanraj wants Chander and Ketan to study and get better jobs, so he slogs away at work, and also finds part-time work to keep the in-flow to sustain his family and pay for their education. But this is not enough and a choice must be made to allow only one brother to carry on studying. Ketan feigns an illness and let’s Chander continue on to become an engineer, and eventually gets married to the only daughter, Chanda, of a multi-millionaire widow. Things do not go as planned and Chanda and her mother face humiliation after humiliation at the hands of Dhanraj and his family. Chanda swears to avenge this by destroying the love that binds this family. Watch as Chanda works on each family member individually with the hopes of separating them and dividing their love – so that she can live alone with Chander.

Watch Online (Youtube)
Watch Online (Youtube)
Watch Online (Youtube)

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