Yours Truly (2018)

As 57-year old government employee Mithi Kumar finds herself on the brink of retirement from her mundane office job, she realises there’s just one thing she’ll miss about work- or rather her daily commute. It’s the voice of a stranger that she has been irresistibly drawn to; one she has felt a deep connection with amidst the everyday din of the railway station. That voice belongs to the station announcer- her invisible but constant companion as she goes to work every day. Ever since the first time she heard his voice, she felt something stir in her- and over the last decade it began to feel as if he was speaking directly to her, as she began conjuring up her own images of him- even writing letters to him, sharing her deepest emotions with this stranger. As her days at work come to a close, Mithi searches anxiously for her imagined soulmate. Will she ever find him- and more importantly, is he for real?

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